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Bill Smith
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Members.....Your thoughts on Alan.."Sheffields Deaf and Dumb Wrestler"

Alan always looked to be very fit,and gave 100% in all his matches.

I only saw him "live" once when he went down to "King Kendo" at Doncaster,

 it was a Crabtree Promotion,Brian was the MC.

He has been seen at Reunoins looking fit and well,hope he remains so for a long time.

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I always thought he was good value too. He pops up on some of the facebook pages now and again, so seems he is still going strong. 

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Sapper James
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I remember Alan tagging with his son, Adam, against the Superflys (Ricky Knight and Jimmy Ocean) at Holbeach in 1992. They fell out for real and there was a huge row in the changing rooms after the bout.

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Alan was a genuine hard nut, worked night club doors in Sheffield

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frank thomas
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Alan always looked to be taking it seriously! Remember one wrestler telling me he was a "heavy" worker sometimes.
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Graham Bawden
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I remember Alan Kilby well. One bout in particular where King Ben was Kilby's opponent. With Kilby winning the championship belt. Fantastic win for Alan Kilby, a great wrestler.

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I started watching wrestling in the summer of 1977 but did not hear anything about Alan Kilby until he appeared on a TV bout in April 1980 against Honey Boy Zimba and from then on he was a regular on TV. I nowadays have a copy of the 1971 'Who's Who of Wrestling' and Alan Kilby was listed in that, so he was a Joint Promotions wrestler in 1971. Does anyone know if Alan Kilby had left Joint Promotions in the 1970's to wrestle for independent promotions, to explain why he just suddenly re-appeared in 1980?

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 Have often wondered how his opponents communicated with him during a bout? Saw Alan in some tasty bouts against the likes of Finlay and Skull Murphy. Always thought he really looked someone who could take care of himself.

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rasit huseyin
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Alan Kilby was a great wrestler.  Always gave value for many in clean bouts or against heels, particularly Fot Finlay or Skull Murphy.  I remember his tag team with is son as well, but Adam Kilby seemed to disappear from the scene as quickly as he arrived.

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Mark Reynard
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Great memories of Kilby
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