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In 2007 Wrestling Heritage launched it's first countdown, Wrestling's Most Influential.

We counted down the most influential people in British wrestling from 1946 until 1977, and concluded that the overall winner was Norman Morrell.

Since then Wrestling Heritage has extended it's years from 1930 until 1988 and members' greater knowledge has shaped their opinions.

It's time to re-visit Wrestling's Most Influential.


Wrestling's Most Influential 2018

One significant difference will be that this time we will categorise our deliberations:


Wrestling's Most Influential Promoters

Wrestling's Most Influential Wrestlers

Wrestling's Most Influential Outsiders

Wrestling's Most Influential Media People

(Suggest other categories if you like)


Who were the men, or women, that created the sport we loved?

Who were the ones that carved the milestones?

Who were the people who made things happen.

Without Wrestling’s Most Influential none of us would be here remembering the sport we loved.

Make your nomination, and reason for nominating, in the Talk Wrestling Forum


Later this year vote on the shortlisted contenders.



1. Who you are nominating

2. In what category

3. The reason why


Individuals can be nominated for more than one category.


British wrestling history has a name - HERITAGE

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