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British wrestling history has a name - Heritage
Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of British professional wrestling

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20th May, 2018: Website News

We are excited to launch our new series, Out of Darkness: The Story of Catch. A new and exciting direction for Heritage from wrestling historian Ruslan Pashayev. Read it on www.wrestlingheritage.com  The Story of Catch

19th May, 2018: Wrestling Anniversary

Anniversary of the birth of Pat Roach in 1937. Read our tribute:  Light The Blue Touch Paper

15th May, 2108: Website News

Photos from the Blackpool Reunion added to the Gallery. http://www.wrestlingheritage.co.uk/apps/photos/album?albumid=16117842

13th May, 2018: Wrestling News

Wrestlers Reunion at the Stanley Road Working Men's Club, Blackpool, starting at noon.

12th May, 2018: Wrestling Anniversary:

Anniversary of the death of Johnny Eagles in 1999, aged 64. Tribute in the Newsletter dated 6th May.

11th May, 2018: Website News

The A-Z continues to grow.  This week we have added more wrestlers to the letter R section of the A-Z
Nat Rabin ..... Angelo Ramon ..... Jack Ratcliffe ..... Rudy Redvern ..... John Ritchie ..... Chick Rolfe ..... Herbie Rosenberg

8th May, 2018: Wrestling News

George Kidd is featured on the Scottish TV programme The Peoples History Show. Ecerpts from matches and interviews with George's son, Len Ironside and others. On the STV player search for The Peoples History Show and it's the episode for 30th April.


Read our own tribute: A Very Peculiar Phenomena

6th May, 2018: Website News

A tribute to Joe Reid is added to the Top Wrestlers of the 1930s in the Wrestlers section. Read it now.

5th May, 2018: Wrestling Anniversary

Anniversary of the start of the feud between Mick McManus and Jackie Pallo. Read about it on www.wrestlingheritage.com

2nd May, 2018: Wrestling Anniversary

Anniversary of the birth of Peter Preston in 1938. Read our tribute: Slayer of Giants.

2nd May, 2018: Wrestling Anniversary

Anniversary of the birth of Douglas Clarke in 1892. Read our tribute: Top Wrestler of the 1930s

1st May, 2018: Wrestling News

Happy birthday to Joe Cornelius, who turned 80 today. Read our tribute: The Cockney Cavalier

29th April: Website News

A tribute to Pat Roach added to Personality Parade: Read it now

A tribute to Joe Cornelius added to Personality Parade: Read it now.


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